Greetings, it will come as no surprise that I am a very keen gamer with Warhammer Fantasy 6th edition being one of , if not the  favourite. Flames of War (V.3) vies for that coveted top spot.

I’ve been playing WHFB for almost 20 years having started with my beloved 6th ed, thoroughly enjoyed 7th edition too but was utterly dismayed at 8th which, for me ruined the game. Crucially , my most frequent opponent , a veteran Bretonnian player thought that 8th edition , with its random charges was an insult, a personal one!  We played for a while but then migrated totally to Flames of War which we played constantly for 7 years or more until some lovely folk at a club in Shepperton , West London rescued me and by playing  Warhammer 6th  ed. with me.

What else is there to know? Games, of various sorts have played a huge part in my life, having being fortunate enough to be brought up in a house where I had my grandparents as next door neighbours. They used to run a pub in the village back in the 60s and as such used to play either cars, dominoes and numerous other games almost nightly. They moved on from the pub but never stopped gaming and I was incredibly lucky to be able to play cards (mainly) several times a week and other games too.

As an adult I played lots of board games and of course like many I discovered Heroquest which was the beginning of my journey, firstly reading and being amazed by White Dwarf. This was casually shelved for a good few years when in the mid to late 90s PC gaming raised its head and I  jumped in with both feet. Becoming totally hooked on , firstly Duke Nukem and the Command and Conquer series and moving onto to LAN and internet gaming with Quake and Quake 2.  I then took over a fledgling online gaming league which , in 1998 became the UKCCL (UK Clan Carnage League) which was, at it’s peak in 1999 the world’s biggest online gamin league with over one hundred clans (teams) taking part in weekly matches. Such was it’s success that I was backed by an ISP in London who paid me to run the league , a league I’d run for free for 12 months.  This in turn led to an invite to work as a free lance journalist for PC Gamer where for almost two years I had my very own 12 page spread each month writing about Quake and Quake 2 and everything connected with it.

In the early 2000s I made a decision to stop or at least vastly reduce my online gaming time and threw myself instead  into Warhammer Fantasy which I’d been fascinated by for years.
When one of my children expressed an interest The  Warhammer Fantasy Battles boxed set I wasted no time in purchasing it and was hooked from day 1.  Being quite a complicated game having had no experience playing table top wargames at that time. The nearest GW store was miles away and I knew of no clubs locally so I found my answers on the internet. Specifically a forum on a website called the Warhammer Players Society (WPS). This was a Godsend, all of my many questions answered in hours if not minutes.  For reasons I’m still not entirely sure about, this long standing website encountered some difficulties and closed down. Very shortly before it did  I created my own forum called , ingeniously “The Warhammer Forum”   to ensure I still had somewhere to ask my questions. This was more successful than I could ever have hoped and with the  essential help from a team of wonderful admins and moderators without whom the site would simply not have worked the forum went onto have in excess of 20,000 members with several thousand being regular posters.  It even got the attention of the good folk at GW who sent me a  cease and desist letter as the domain I  had bought (warhammer.org) fell foul of their IP rules. I never did cease and desist and never heard from them again. Warhammer was huge and the forum was implemental in getting the l ETC Warhammer tournament off the ground and supported them for several years until around 2010 due to my personal circumstance and numerous other things (not least 8th ed!)  I  stopped playing and let the website lapse.
As previously mentioned I then hurled myself into Flames of War and started a venture running campaign weekends for 20 or 30 players, initially at Bovington Tank Museum, which simply has to be the best place in the whole world to play Wargames.

Anyhow, I’m rambling.  Warhammer 6th ed. came back into my life a couple of years ago thanks to the brilliant FB group of the same name and a great club.