Having played Pitched Battles well over 500 times I’ve been more adventurous of late and tried some different scenarios.
This evening saw 2250 points of Bretonnians trying to break through a 1125 point force of Skaven who were fighting a Rear guard action. In a nutshell , the skaven had to prevent the Bretonnians exiting through their deployment zone and off the table.
Details of the scenario are on page 211 of the BRB. Crucially, the Bretonnians had to  move one of their units of the table each turn from turn 5.
The Skaven deployed in a sort of bunker fashion with the slaves guarding the right flank, which had a wall to slow down the knights. In the centre they deployed two swarms of rats in the woods as close to the edge of the DZ as possible, this forced the Bretonnians to deploy at least 18″ away, the skaven were fearful the Pegasus Knights would go for a first turn charge, but they chose not to.  The censer bearers deployed in the woods in a position to counter charge the Pegasus knights if they had charged and also to get into march blocking positions, which would be crucial in this game. Finally the 5 Jezzails once again deployed in the tower.
The Bretonnians with such a huge numerical advantage had pretty strong forces coming down the three main avenues of attack. The Pegasus knights and some Realm Knights came down the skaven right flank , down the centre came two units of Errant knights and on the left, initially behind the woods were some questing knights, mounted yeomen and another errant knight unit. The skirmishing archers came through the woods and the two mounted damsels , wisely hid away from anything the skaven could hurl at them while at the same time being able to drop Master of Stone and Wood on the skaven army.

Turn one saw the whole army march down their various avenues of advance.  Magic saw an IF spell hit the ruined tower and wipe out 4 Jezzails. The last one would surely have panicked but there is a special rule in this scenario which makes all the units immune to panic as they are expecting to die. Needless to say this was a boon for the low leadership vermin.

Skaven turn one saw some manoeuvring, the  rat swarm went into the woods to march block the Questing, errant and yeomen units.  All the available magic was aimed at the pegasus knights as they were the biggest threat to the game plan in as much as they could get off the table easier than anything else.  The Lord on Hippogryph is always a huge threat and is usually target number 1 but in this scenario he could not be used as a unit to get off the table edge.  Both Warp lightning spells were scrolled.
Bretonnian turn two saw the questing knights and others move as far as they could, having been march blocked. The questing knights simply could not get out of the charge range of the rat swarm.  In the centre the two knightly units moved up ready to charge the censer bearers and on the right everything moved up to the tight spot between the wall and the wood. Magic was scrolled by the rats this time.
The rat swarm moves in front of the questing knights , preventing their further movement and forcing them to charge. The censer bearers have to move closer to the errant knights in the centre but do so  in such a way that they also march block the Bretonnians on the right. The slaves and the clan rats move back out of Pegasus charge range. Warp lightning takes out one of the Pegasus knights and wounds another.
Bretonnian turn three sees the Questing knights and the yeomen charge the rat swarm ,the errant knight with the paladin charge the censer bearers and the Hippogryph moves up beside the flank of the slaves. An errant knight unit makes its way through the woods in the north accompanied by the archers. The two knightly units on the right are well and truly squished in the gap between walls and wood.
Magic killed  some monks but  wipes out the globadiers!

Combat sees the rat swarms reduced to one base with 2 wounds remaining, the censer bearers put a wound on the Paladin and kill two Errant knights but the remaining attacks are enough to win combat and the break and of course are run down but the errant knights end up squarely in front of the Plague monks.

Skaven turn 3 sees the slaves pass their terror test, spotting there is a slim chance of survival if enough units can be found for sacrifice and and march blocking,  both engineers leave the unit and position themselves once again to target the Pegasus knights even though if they fail , they will die.
The plague monks charge the errant knights who flee and get away, the plague monks are now in the sights of no less than three Bretonnian units.  The sole Jezail leaves his lofty perch and heads north to attempt to stall the questing knights and yeomen.  The slaves move forwards to march block the Bretonnian realm and errant knights in such a way that should they get charged and surely lose the victor would again be in a less than favourable position.
Magic is targeted at the Pegasus knights , the storm demon is dispelled and both warp lightning spells are scrolled by the very well read damsels.
The rattling gun  shred the Bretonnian Lord from his fearsome mount but the Hippogryph is well trained and sticks to his job.
The rat swarm is wiped out.

Bretonnian turn four sees a unit of Errant knights charge the plague monks in the front , another errant unit hits them in the side and for good measure they Hippogryph charges them in the rear. Normally this would be utterly disastrous but once more, you need to think completely differently in this scenario and all the skaven chieftain could think was “yes, yes, the fools are going the wrong way”
The Pegasus knights charge an Engineer I’d brought out of a unit. Plan was that they would either kill him or run him down , either way the Pegasus knights would then be in a bad position.

The archers charge the Jezail who holds as to flee would lost the ability to march block.
Movement the realm knights round the stone wall ready for a last turn dash. The questing knights and yeomen move as fast as they could towards the DZ, severely hampered by the march blocking Jezzail.

Magic kills some slaves.
Combat sees the jezail die. The plague monks are battered and flee, the flee route is awkward as the area is very congested. Ultimately the Bretonnian army although victorious in combat is in disarray. Pursuing units have completely messed up the next turn for the Bretonnians.
The Pegasus knights do kill the engineers and pursue into the rattling gun.

Skaven turn 4 sees the slaves simply move up towards the Knightly units not risking a failed combat. The clan rats charge the Pegasus knights.
No magic or shooting.
The Pegasus knights fail to kill the engineer and break from combat the clan rats hold.

Turn 5 and the hippogryph charges the slaves, forgetting that they have already passed a terror test.
The Bretonnian lines are so congested no other charges can be declared.

The Bretonnian commander concedes as none of his units can reach a table edge in the Skaven deployment zone.

Result.  The Bretonnians have not lost a single unit (the errant knights rallied) whereas the Skaven force has suffered huge losses but have achieved their aim of holding up the enemy and therefore claim a win!